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I'm kitten with you, I fucking love cats
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so this girl at my school was mad at me so on facebook she sent me


instead of correcting her spelling, i just took her profile picture and made this and sent it to her


she doesn’t get it

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (via sappywhitegirl)


don’t talk to me about struggle until your headphones only work if you hold them in a certain position


remember msn though. remember saving all those little emoticons and setting stupid keyboard shortcuts for them so you couldnt even write a sentence without a dancing banana showing up in the middle of it

Hey tumblr, long time no see

Hey tumblr, long time no see

theworldisquiet said: YOU ARE SO PRETTY



i want to know which one of you is responsible for this


i want to know which one of you is responsible for this


if ur snapchat story is 100 fuckin seconds or more first of all what the fuck is wrong wit u

this was me on saturday night and i would just like to say i apologize on behalf of tequila

When I need to reach the word count.

Mom: why is everything on the floor?
Me: gravity mom

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